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This website comes from my passion towards abandoned places, and from my desire to know more about them. And learn more from them.

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Latest Articles

BBC Video On The Duga-2 Radar System in The Woods of Chernobyl

This BBC documentary narrates of the history of Duga-2 radar tower built by the Soviet military in the woods of Chernobyl:

The Huge Secret Soviet Duga-2 Radar Tower In The Woods Of Chernobyl

The Duga (meaning arc in Russian) was a Soviet over-the-horizon radar (OTH) system used as part of the Soviet missile defense...

Drone Video Winds Back The Clock On Demolition Of Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

The beautiful drone video "Greystone Rising" reverses the demolition of the monumental Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. Months after...

Rise And Fall Of Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

The monumental Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, historic icon of USA's mental hospitals, was demolished in 2015. Greystone Park...